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Fourteen Demons. One Human. No hope.

Amelia has a secret, but when she stumbles into a household of fourteen young male demons, will her secret remain hidden for long?

Will a fear of what he is, keep her from accepting who he is?

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I bought two- one for me and one for a gift

Booktopia - By Anne

I enjoy the light fantasy so i bought one for me and one for my cousin as well for her birthday. its a pretty cool read because its not like other fantasy novels that drag on for ages, its really fast paced and enjoyable.

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Witches have returned!

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It has been many years since a Witch dared stepped foot in Salem, but as they feared, a Wolf has started killing innocent teenagers around the country and its most recent victim was in Salem.

Theo, an Alpha heir must help his pack drive the Witches out of town before its too late, but his attention is captivated by the Red-Head that's moved into the neighbourhood.


Winter's Academy has become my favourite book.

Wattpadd - By TowardsMagic19

It's really interesting and is Awesome!!!!!!! I recommend each and every person on Wattpad to read it and I am sure everyone is just gonna love it... I have fallen in love with all six of them (Eva, Angelo, Max, James, Lucida and Jackson...Specially ANGELO....)

About the Author

Amber Withers

Amber Withers has been an aspiring author since she was twelve years old. Her first fully-featured novel, Winters Academy, received over fifty thousand reads and recommendations on Wattpad - and that was before she rewrote the novel for young adults. Currently only published for her poetry, Amber intends to take the world by storm by releasing her (at present) fourteen novels and novellas for everyone to read. 

Life Goal: To see a hard copy of her book on a store shelf. 

Passive Goal: Eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting.