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Books By Amber Withers

Written books, upcoming books, and everything in between.

A Winters Choice (Series)

Tales of Skiora (Series)




The students of Winters Academy are trapped and one by one they fall. But what can a school full of magically gifted students do? 

Fight back.

Eva has always been considered a strange one, even amongst her fellow gifted students. One day the students begin to drop dead, which could mean only one thing: There’s a killer on the loose. An aspiring detective, Eva, with the assistance from her friends, investigates the murders to find the infamous Night Hunter - but with an inactive power, how can she hope to stop him before he kills her? 

There is no such as happy ending, but in Tia’s fantasy novels there always is. When she is transported to another realm with no recollection of how she got there, Tia is forced to survive by any means necessary, especially if she has any hope in getting home. 

She holds the witch’s amulet, one foretold to grant unbelievable power to the owner. Will she use it’s evil power? Will she use it to go home? Or will possessing it kill her before she gets the chance?

Bound By Blood (Series)

The Zodiac (Series)




Fourteen Novellas

Vampire's struggle in day to day life, but sometimes being a very old yet very attractive vampire has its perks.

And then none at all.

Bit by bit Kira realises the faults of her eternal life as she comes to finally mature and starts dating for real. But perhaps dating the son of the infamous vampire hunter whose brother she supposedly killed may not be a good starting point.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the cat? 

Felix was never interested in cats, in fact, he considers himself a dog person. That all changes when he discovers his hidden talents and the reason for them: He possesses the spirit of the cat! 

Unsure how he fits in with the other Zodiac members, this typically unlucky teenager needs to figure out how to control his power, and fast.

Forgotten (Series)

The Flow



What would you wish for if you could have any wish you wanted to be granted to you?

A fortune beyond your wildest dreams? World Peace? The perfect boyfriend?

All ever she wanted was freedom, but what will it cost?

"Once you read this novel, you will know what fear is, what it does, and why it corrupts. Horrifically magnificent."

The Non-Humans (series)


Single Novella

It's the flow.

The unbeatable and immeasurable feeling

Of moving yourself and not thinking

About what you do

Only doing it.

Those whom think it reckless

Have not felt the existence

Of freedom or pleasure

For the flow is a gift

To those who can do it.

The Knights




Open Series

Imagine if you had the power to fly. 
Imagine if you had the power to speak to the dead. 

Imagine if you could do anything you wanted just because you had supernatural abilities. 

The Non-Humans can't. You are born with it, but that doesn't mean you are accepted. In a world where the magically gifted are hiding from the Secret Agenecy using them as science experiences, how is this boy ever going to find the find to tell his crush how he feels? 

Kai isn't your typical college student. He doesn't party, drink, socialise or even date. Probably because he's busy hunting demons before they start killing other humans. 

Kai knows he isn't human, but if nothing else, being an Incubus is quite useful for blending in and for bouncing back after a manticore tries to eat you. The only downside, what happens when the enemy is the gorgeous young bartender who has him under her spell? 

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