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Author: Eric Kruger

Sci-Fi Author

Born in South Africa, but live in Australia for the last 15 years. Quit job to pursue writing and to help with kids. Got too many hobbies, taking up too much time and money!

Hauler - my debut novel, has just been released. It's a near-future adventure, involving a truck driver named Benjamin Drake and the friendships and alliances he's forced to make to get out of a sticky situation.

I was born in South Africa and have lived in New Zealand and Australia. English is my second language, although I use it daily! My idea for Hauler, my debut novel, was an action-adventure with a lovable but flawed main character. It is purely intended for entertainment. I want to offer some escapism for people and create a world where they can do that.


You can purchase a copy of their novel here.

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