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Author: N. P. Cooper

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It's time to see the world in a new light.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Brisbane early in my twenties. I hold a degree in environmental management, majoring in natural systems and wildlife.

Most Popular Novel:

In the wake of Archmage Heramiir’s treason, King Erian must reunify his lands before the brooding nations to the west realise their internal disarray. The words of a strange oracle may offer a path forward, but with its origins lost to antiquity, assuming the ancient construct has Jeranon’s best interests at heart may prove a fatal mistake. But with the staggering consequences of failure placed squarely on their shoulders, will the actions of two ordinary men be enough to steady the course of a world gone mad? Or will their lack of faith seal its fate instead?

The Dark Tempest is the first instalment of my epic new fantasy series, The Destroyer's Wrath.


You can find a copy of his novel here.

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