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Author: Sarah Ellimam

Children's Author - Follow On Facebook

Are you looking for something wonderful for your kids this Christmas? Look no further!

I live in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I've used writing as a creative tool since childhood, it brings me great joy to share a story that people feel affected by. I'm studying applied psychology and counselling and hope to write stories for people of all ages which can help improve their mental health.

My first published work is a children's Christmas story titled "How Nick Discovered Christmas Kindness". It's just under 1000 words, rhymes from beginning to end and has 6 beautiful full-page, full-color illustrations. I was motivated to write this story to provide my young son with a Santa narrative that was more aligned with my personal values around the holiday season. I developed this story as an origin tale of "Saint Nick" which focuses on the spirit giving instead of the obsession with receiving.

I am currently working on a new story which plays with the themes of childhood loneliness and connection to the natural world. I have an amazing painter to work with for the art and I cannot wait to share it with you all.


You can find a copy of Sarah's novel here.

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