eBook: Picking a Subject (Non-Fiction)

One of the most significant steps in the process of ebook development is to select a subject for your ebook. In the subject you chose, you want to be strategic, because, ultimately, this will decide whether or not your book is good.

Taking the time to find the right subject is going to pay off. When choosing a subject, here are some things to consider. Solve an issue first. If you look at Amazon, the top charts are packed with how-to ebooks. It is most likely that your experience is in high demand, so find a void and fill it with a tangible solution. They are more likely to purchase it looking for the answer when your reader connects your book with a dilemma they have. Take the concerns that your clients have that you have solutions for and build a subject around it. How to paint better portraits, how to create an email list from scratch, and how to write an ebook in 7 days are examples of this. You may wish to fix a fear, similar to finding an issue.

Find a popular fear people have, fix it and figure out in your ebook how you can mitigate it. This may involve concerns like Not Getting Enough Retirement Savings or What to Do to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Next, satisfy your curiosity. Figure out what people are curious about and find intriguing data on the subject. This could make for a good ebook if you have insider knowledge of anything. It might be anything like the attitude of the ultra-marathoners inside. Now, based on these suggestions, you may have some general ideas, so let's narrow your subject down. You'll find in your company that you have customers asking over and over for the same things.

Here are some questions to pay attention to what questions do you keep constantly being asked? What blog posts do most visitors get? What are the keywords that people are looking for in order to get to your website? What are the most common of your products or services? You're always going to want to choose a subject you're good at or a lot you know about. So what subjects have you already written a lot about that you can probably compile into an ebook? What do you know about anything useful that you can talk about a lot? And the subjects are you passionate about? Develop anything, above all that others can't easily get their hands on for free.

Next, I'm going to explain how you can test your ideas for the subject, so you'll want to do some market research about how that topic performs when you get to the point where you have narrowed down your ebook to a few topics or one wide one. To see what ebooks are trending, and to take a peek at the ebooks in your genre, your first stop should be the Kindle store. Here I am on the front page of the Kindle. I will look for unique keywords at the top of this list. Tell that I'm writing a blogging ebook. I'll look for a word for that. I see a list here that is sorted by importance. I'm going to adjust it to the Average Review of Customers. By doing so, based on ratings, I can take a look at the most popular books. Make sure you take a look at the subjects, cover styles, names, and pricing while you are here, and this gives you a clear idea of where your competition is.

Look at the one or two-star ratings on Amazon now for my favourite tip. What do they think is missing from the book they review? This will help you find a void that is lacking from other books, and that you might probably fill. You will see three articles here that I felt would be very, very valuable for someone writing a social skills book. Such reviews tell us a lot of details. Also, make sure that, as I said, what you're writing about has substance. The marketing angle is fantastic, but if you don't deliver on your promise, individuals will see through it pretty easily.

Quora and Reddit are two other instruments that help recognize holes and find new topics and followers. Quora is a question and answer site where the user group asks, responds, edits, and organizes questions. Reddit is sort of close. It has a much wider base of users and has been around for a very long time, so you can get much more niche and unique. Your secret sauce will be discovering the need in the market and balancing it with your own passion and knowledge to decide a subject for your ebook. Now go ahead and start uncovering your book.

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