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The Entwined Edition

One human girl amongst fourteen killer male demons - what could go wrong?

There is nothing Morgana despises more than humans, and as the daughter of the Devil himself, why shouldn't she?

Her world is turned upside down when she is stabbed by a cursed dagger, stripping her of her powers and rendering her nothing but a mortal.

Lucifer, however, is quite pleased with the outcome and to protect her daughter from the demons below, he sends her up to Earth where she must attend a fate worse than Hell: High School.


Alistair is a servant of the devil, but he’s secretly in love with his master’s daughter, Morgana. When Morgana loses her powers and is forced to live among humans, Alistair is the only one who can help her. But as they get closer, the temptation to give in to their forbidden desires becomes too strong to resist.

- Bondage
- Servant/Master to Lovers
- Death-Defying Romance
- 4.5/5 Level Spice Scenes

Entwined Three: The Daughter of the Devil

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