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"I took you to lure my brother out of Baara, but now...I'm not giving you up without a fight." 


The kingdom fell the day my brother murdered our parents. 

  Even though it has been five years, it still feels like last week when my brother sat in his new place on my father’s throne. Our world is hidden from the one people know. Peace was meant to be kept in order to avoid most of humanity discovering our place of magic, but there was a raid from an enemy kingdom and my parents fell in ‘battle’. 
  I do not believe the tale of their demise. My parents were courageous, I do not believe they cowered away only to die worthlessly in their bedroom. My brother was the one to find them, and his charisma alone was enough to persuade the council that he deserved his place on the throne. 



Fated Rebellion

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$22.50Sale Price
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