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Queen of Beasts
Is it ever really as it seems? Amelia has a secret, but when she stumbles into a household of fourteen young male demons, will her secret remain hidden for long? Fourteen demons, one human. Will a fear of what he is, keep her from accepting who he is? A Snow White retelling serves a steamy encore.

Bound By Blood
Vampires struggle in day-to-day life, but sometimes being a very old yet very attractive vampire has its perks. And then none at all. Bit by bit Kira realizes the faults of her eternal life as she comes to finally mature and starts dating for real. But perhaps dating the son of the infamous vampire hunter whose brother she supposedly killed may not be a good starting point. How can she possibly hope to convince him that despite being one of the most deadliest monsters, she truly has feelings for him.

The Vampire Duology

$30.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
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