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Street Team

Are you a member of Amber's A-Team Facebook group?
Have you shared any of Amber posts previously?
As a part of the street team are you willing and able to share teasers and release information?
How often are you willing to share teasers and release information?
Thanks for submitting!

What does it mean?

An author street team is a group of dedicated fans of an author who help promote their work. The author street team members usually receive advanced copies of the author's books, exclusive sneak peeks, and other promotional materials that they can share with their own social media networks and book clubs.

The author street team members may also help the author with various tasks such as reviewing their books on Amazon, Goodreads, and other online platforms, sharing promotional posts, hosting giveaways, and organizing book signings and events.

Being a member of an author street team can be a great way to get involved with an author's work and become a part of a community of like-minded readers. It can also be an opportunity to receive exclusive content and access to the author, as well as a chance to contribute to the success of their career.

Team Rules

No negativity or bad vibes. If anyone has a problem with anything or anyone to approach Amber or her PA.

We understand people go through stuff and we don't mind if you are sharing with the group but we can't accept situations that make people uncomfortable.


While amber is more than happy to answer any author related questions personally, the group isn't there to boost their books, careers and sales.

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